Musicians I Have Performed With

Guitarist: Billy Hagen, Bobby Selover, Bret Malmquist (& bass), Brian McEvoy, Cliff White, Dan Gildea, Dan Gray, Kenneth Graves, Kenny Hopkins (& bass), Russ Miller (& bass), Todd Nicodemus (& bass). Bass: Arthur Beardsley, Corby Simpson, Dan Schulte, Don Corey, Joey Aloia, Kevin Eastes, Phil Reid. Piano & Keyboards: Dan Gaynor, Jeff Otto, Jon Roberts, Laura Cunard, Ramsey Embick. Trumpet: Jon Roberts, Paul Mazzio. Sax & Flute: Adrian Baxter, David Valdez, Eric Rabe, Johnnie Ward, Joshua Gilbert. Percussion: Chata Addy, David Burrow, Donny Osborne, Johnnie Corrie, Ray Thomas, Ronnie Steen, Timothy Rap.

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